Private Community

Who is it for?

Chris Cirak’s Private Community provides a safe and nurturing environment for those who want a deeper experience of life than just the daily grind. Benefits include an ongoing stream of inspiring content, live meditations and Q&A, energy healing sessions, conscious movement classes, support from a like-minded community, and exclusive virtual and in-person events designed to (re)ignite your passion for life and make happiness and fulfillment a reality.

What’s included?

Meditation programs for all levels

5-Day Audio Course

This 5-Day Audio Course consists of daily guided meditations, inspirational talks, and journaling prompts, and is designed to fit your schedule so you can bring awarness to everything you do.

7-Day Be You™ Intensive

The ultimate awareness accelerator from the convenience of your own home. Includes 20+ hours of guided meditations, inspirational talks, quizzes, and journaling prompts.

All community features

Member Experiences

We work together to enjoy life more and feel better about ourselves. We’re letting go of what we’ve been told is important, learning new ways to find happiness, and uncovering the profound wisdom we all have inside of us.

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Automatically billed monthly. Cancel anytime.

Free Guided Meditation

Download your 18-min Oneness meditation and start connecting with your deeper self.