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Meditator. Mind-shifter. Energy Healer.

“Starting from scratch”

Cirak was born as Chris Cirak in upstate New York as the elder of two sons of immigrant parents who fled communist regimes taking hold in Eastern Europe after World War II. Given that Chris was a common first name for his generation, friends and teachers simply called him by his last name, Cirak.

Despite his parents being hard-working white collar workers, they were genuine altruists who valued emotional health over financial gain and had no interest in the pursuit of material wealth. As a result, Cirak’s upbringing was decidedly lower middle class and a single unexpected expense or bill caused the family financial distress. Home life was stable, but there was always an air of scarcity.

As a result, Cirak took his parents’ resilience and developed a “can do” attitude early on. He outfitted his room with furniture and electronics he salvaged and repaired from neighbors who had tossed them to the curb. He took on any available job in the neighborhood, such as babysitting, snow shoveling, raking leaves, selling Christmas cards, and running the paperboy route. He traded baseball cards and collected action figures because he had heard their value might pay for college one day.

He carried this industrious mindset into adulthood, moving to Los Angeles with nothing but a suitcase and working his way up to become one of the foremost experts in the emerging field of experience design. His internalized scarcity mindset made this journey much harder than it needed to be, with a mere parking ticket triggering waves of anger, blame, and lack of faith.

But he kept going, and with the help of some beautiful angels along the way, made his way up the ladder, working on digital media campaigns for dozens of top companies, such as Google, Nike, Adobe, Mercedes, Disney, and Starbucks. He consulted with the world’s top advertising firms, including Ogilvy, DDB, and McCann, and eventually lectured at leading institutions like UCLA, NASA, and FOX Studios. Chris was as high an achiever as they come. He took vacations from one job to go work at another firm. He took on side gigs and weekend projects. He was relentlessly driven to create a life he felt was worthy of living.

“Passion and play”

While the first decade of work was marked by ongoing struggle, the time eventually came when the demand for his expertise allowed Cirak to be selective about when and what projects to take on, resulting in the work/life balance he was imprinted with growing up. “No stress” was his parent’s response to whenever he experienced anxiety, a phrase he uses for himself and others to this day.

In between consulting, Cirak enjoyed the freedom to pursue his passions for music, tennis, and real estate. His steadfast lifestyle choices included playing piano during lunch and waking up without an alarm every morning. His personal life flourished, too, with caring and meaningful relationships with family, friends, and life partners. By all accounts, he had created the life he always sought and that others envied him for.

“The winds of change”

Life has a funny way of forcing you to play. It won’t let you hold on to your cards, even when you’ve assembled a great hand. It won’t let you stay the same, even when your life is orderly and seemingly in control. And so, in late 2015, Cirak’s perfect world was turned upside down. Out of nowhere, the life he had so carefully crafted started to crumble.

The confusion, disorientation, and physical discomfort he was experiencing were so great he isolated himself for what he initially thought might be a week or two. A few weeks turned into several months, during which he rarely slept or went outside. Not knowing what was happening to him, Cirak finally stumbled across an online article entitled “Top 50 Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening”. He realized he had 48 of them.

“Nobody asks for this”

Letting go of a life he loved did not go easy. But when your dark night of the soul comes knocking, you have no choice but to let it in and surrender as best you can, lest you make it even more difficult on yourself. Your old self is dying, and a newer, truer version is set to emerge. But for that to happen, everything you think you know must first burn to the ground.

Nobody asks for this. Having the rug of your existence pulled out from underneath you is scary. It’s exhausting. It’s hell. The last thing you can grasp is that it’s happening for your good. You want to stay who you think you are and live the best life you can imagine. You haven’t yet realized you cannot imagine your best life.

“A greater purpose”

You can only live for yourself for so long until the calling to go beyond yourself emerges. Freeing yourself so you can free others is the design of life. As we heal ourselves we become a healing force for the world. Chris’ awakening interrupted the life he had created for himself because it was time be of service to others.

Whatever your true purpose may be is nothing you can plan for. You’ll know it when it reveals itself to you somewhere along the twists and turns of life. Just know you’re always doing your best. There is no other way. As long as you follow your bliss, as long as you stay connected to joy, your greater purpose awaits.


Bestselling Book

Cirak’s foundational book, Be You: The Journey of Self-Realization helps you quiet your mind, open you up to transformative insights, and empowers you to improve your quality of life by following a simple, step-by-step approach to reacting less and thriving more.

Simple language and effortless readability lead to powerful, transformative insights and inspire you to dramatically raise your vibration by following a simple, step-by-step approach to reacting less and thriving more.

Sold-Out Retreats

Cirak’s immersive in-person retreats facilitate deep healing, personal growth, and powerful alignment with your inner truth and outer purpose. Learn to rise above the mental noise and anchor yourself in true joy, ease, and fulfillment. Learn what it means to be truly happy.

25 Years of Business Coaching

Cirak has founded 17 startups, including one IPO and another valued at over $200M, and mentored many more. He was selected as one of 10 “most promising entrepreneurs” for a Google-funded accelerator in 2013. His clients include over 20 Fortune 500 companies, and he has coached dozens of organizations to success.

Cirak also speaks four languages, invests in real estate, collects classic cars, has composed eight full-length musical albums, and plays Division I tennis.

A Decade of Personal Transformation

When we feel purpose, our lives change for the better. The happier we are, the more uplifted people feel around us. When we think more clearly, we make better choices. And better choices lead to better outcomes. Cirak is committed to helping you release limiting beliefs, dissolve stuck feelings, and connect to your InnerPower. He is here to remind you that life won’t let you stay small. It won’t let you stay anxious. It wants you to grow and be the fullest expression of who you’re meant to be. And all you have to do is learn to get out of your own way.


“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success.”

This famous quote by Nobel prize winner Albert Schweitzer encapsulates the outcome-oriented lifestyle most of us, if not all of us, have become conditioned to believe, especially if we’re high achievers. When we reach the goal, then we’ll be happy, as if life would suddenly stand still and leave us in peace forever. But that’s just not how it works.

“It’s not what you do – it’s how you do it.”

Your time to love life is now. Always now. You can be pursuing the most fantastic goals on the planet, but if you’re not enjoying the process, you’re missing out on life. You will not be fulfilled. There is no finish line. Every task, no matter how mundane it may seem, in an opportunity to experience the deep satisfaction of being. The question is not how fast you can get to your goal. The question is, how much joy, love, and fulfillment can you experience along the way?

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