Chris leads leadership and creative workshops for organizations big and small, helping integrate Stanford’s Design Thinking approach into your product and service development process. Each training is custom-tailored to fit your company’s culture and business objectives, such as:

  • Leadership skills development
  • Unlocking your team’s creative potential
  • Instilling a customer-inspired mindset
  • Team building and bonding
  • Talent acceleration
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An Incredible Instructor

Cirak is an incredible instructor. He has taught classes in user experience I, II, & III, Design Thinking, Design & Creative Writing, online and in-person. He is a true ambassador.

Scott Huntchinson, Program Director, UCLAx

A Godsend!

Cirak is a godsend for the UX Certificate Program [at UCLAx]. He has helped us shape it into what it is today. He is truly passionate about what he does, and his students truly enjoy his classes. He’s been a pleasure to work with.

Alexandra Ibrahim, Program Representative, UCLAx

His Knowledge is Extensive

Cirak is very generous with his time. He’s responsive, his communication skills are excellent, and his knowledge of the field is extensive.

Student Review, UCLAx

Very Satisfied!

I’m very satisfied with Cirak as a teacher. His communication skills are perfect. He answered all my questions in a professional way, quickly, and provided additional suggestions to improve my skills.”

Student Review, UCLAx

Safe and Open

It felt like a safe and open environment for participants to think creatively and differently from their day to day.”

Workshop participant


Chris is genuine in his interactions with participants. Pleasant, joyful, insightful and present.”

Workshop participant

Creative Growth!

Chris is invested in the creative growth of those that attend his workshops.”

Workshop participant

Great experience

It was a great opportunity to meet others and make new friends! We all share a deep bond after taking Chris’ workshop.

Lonnie S.

Profound experience

I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to design/craft/problem-solve with my hands and from my deeper intuition. I can already see the changes in my life!

R. Price

Genuine fun

Cirak is genuine in his interactions with participants. Pleasant, joyful, insightful, and present. He’s very invested in the creative growth of those that attend his workshops.

A. J.

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