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Live Q&A | February 11

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About this event

It’s time for another InnerPower™ Live Q&A! This session is designed with you in mind – your questions, your interests, your desire to gro. Take your performance to the next level and join me for this mind- and heart-expanding experience that will leave you inspired to become the hero of your journey. Bring any questions from all aspects of life, such as:

🚀 Personal Growth – Gain practical strategies to overcome limiting beliefs and supercharge your growth journey.

💼 Career Enhancement – Discover tips and tricks to elevate your professional life and reach new heights.

🤝 Relationships – Learn ways to improve relationships and connect on a deeper level.

💪 InnerPower – Get practical methods for manifesting a happier, healthier life.

I look forward to seeing you there! – Chris Cirak

What will I learn?

This InnerPower™ Live Q&A session is an immersive experience that addresses a new topic every week, teaching you how to:

  • Enjoy the present moment while reaching goals with ease
  • Quiet your mind and amplify your inner guidance system
  • Develop trust in your decisions and be less swayed by outside opinions
  • Celebrate your successes and learn from your losses
  • Foster a growth mindset and genuine curiosity for life
  • Avoid lingering and embrace the path of least resistance
  • Release stuck feelings and fulfill your deepest potential
What participants are saying
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Magical Experience!

My first Cirak retreat was really, really magical! Every day was a special day. The workshops, the meditations, the food, the hospitality, everything was arranged perfectly. And, of course, all the incredible people I met! This experience was something I will never forget.

Kely D.

Much-needed structure!

I was trying many things in my life, yet I was not able to put them practically. How to live each moment, be you, triggers, feeling the feelings, etc. This retreat gave me much-needed structure, a daily practice. It got me really excited about the journey ahead. I want to see how far I can go.

Chhaya V.

Really powerful!

I loved the meditations, the tours, the people. Feeling appreciated by everybody, feeling accepted, was really powerful. It was a great vibe. We really bonded as a group. Many of them have become life-long friends. Chris’ mindfulness teachings will help me a lot in daily life.

Bjorn H.

Exceded all expectations

It was great, it was amazing. The entire event was so well organized. I got everything I wanted out of it and much much more. Cirak’s teachings are thought-changing. He gives you a new perspective, helps you break through all your beliefs, and shows you how to live your life the way you’re meant to.

Dhairya V.

We became a family

This was my first-ever retreat. I’m so happy I took it. It’s new to put myself as a priority. But once we do, we can help others. I met so many amazing people from all over the world. We became a family. This week was so fulfilling and eye-opening. All the workshops, meditations… we were never bored. I’m really grateful for this experience.

Alina Z.

A miracle experience

I came here spontaneously. It turned out to be so inspiring, so creative. I found real people, real hearts, real feelings, real love. It was mesmerizing, beyond my expectations. Be You is so easy to understand, to sink into. I feel so blessed. This retreat was a miracle experience. I can’t wait to attend another one.

Ficha I.

Another level

This experience took things to another level for me. Cirak’s talks help you understand meditation in such simple terms, it takes away all the complications so you can focus on the practice. Plus, I met the most amazing people. I’m absolutely thrilled to have been part of this.

Phil Hurrle

Frequently Asked Questions

This event is free to attend for all InnerPower™ members. To learn more on how to become an InnerPower™ member, click here.
Yes, a link to the video recording of the workshop will be emailed to all registrants soon after the broadcast. It will be available for 60 days.
You are not required to turn on video if you don't want to. You can choose to engage via chat. A moderator will available at all times.
Please bring your favorite journal or pen and paper. Find a quiet, comfortable spot where you can be uninterrupted. Please use headphones if you're in a noisy area
The entire workshop will be communicated in English.


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