You are meant
heal. grow. inspire. thrive. be happy. be whole.

Life through the eyes of the soul.

The Foundational Book

Your life is not a series of problems that need to be fixed. You don’t have to figure it all out ahead of living it. You’re not meant to be Superman – you’re supposed to be a student of life.

"Be You is life-altering for anyone who wonders what makes life so hard. Chris does a brilliant job of giving access to living life as we were designed to. After reading it, you will never be the same."


The essence of Chris’ Teachings espouses that life has our utmost well-being at its core; that returning to simplicity leads to enduring positive change; and that life wants you to flow and collaborate with it. Once you recognize your true essence, everything falls into place.

Live Events

Whether it’s for health, wealth, love, or life purpose, experience the ultimate in personal transformation. Join a live event and shift your lens from working hard to control things, to creating from a place of ease and joy. 

About Chris

Meditator. Mind-shifter. Energy Healer. Entrepreneur. Growth Coach.

From best-selling books to sold-out retreats, Chris’ teachings help you release your blocks and embrace your true calling through practical methods that yield tangible results.

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