More than a Process

User Experience is not just a process. It’s a new and necessary approach to navigating life in the 21st century, as we see it both through personal and professional eyes. The underlying principles of UX are based on “Design Thinking”, a solution-focused approach to problem solving that is rapidly gaining acceptance in higher educational and business institutions alike.

Cirak Studios is deeply passionate about educating the current and future work force, and helping businesses integrate Design Thinking into their internal practices. Our work is to leave behind a legacy of expanded awareness of the broadening tool set required to stay on top of the demands of the modern world.


Chris Cirak teaches UX Design at UCLA Extension. Classes are focused on real-world application of Design Thinking principles, and can be taken standalone, or as part of the DCA Certificate Program.


Cirak Studios conducts UX workshops for organizations looking to broaden their employees’ skill sets. We are able to deliver a custom-tailored approach to fit your organization’s educational needs.  For more information, contact us.


Looking for a UX intensive? Cirak Studios retains experts from across the digital spectrum, offering a variety of practical courses and info sessions through multi-day immersion programs. For more information, contact us.


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