We conduct Stakeholder Interviews, perform Competitive Analysis, Content Audits, Historical Data Analysis, and listen, listen, listen to give us an in-depth understanding of where you are and where you want to be.


We immerse ourselves in your audience’s needs through User Interviews, Market Research, and by connecting with various touch points, such as your Customer Support department, to find out what is happening on the front lines. From this we formulate Personas, User Journeys and Experience Trees.


Before users land on your site, they've already formed a belief of what they hope to find and how things work. We use Taxonomy exercises, User Scenarios and Cluster Maps to construct at a Prioritized Feature Value Matrix to guide the (re)design effort.


Wireframes is where the rubber meets the road. Our detailed Site Maps, Wireframes and Annotations serve as a Functional Spec for the visual design and technical development teams.


Gain key insights from one-on-one usability testing, Focus Groups, Surveys and Remote Testing. Our motto is to test early and test often. Be it Paper Prototyping, Clickable PDFs, or Functional Axure components, we make sure to test workflows and interaction models before they go into production.


Armed with audience psychographic data and technical specs, the design and development phase is all about executing on the market-driven vision that emerged from previous deliverables. These two branches work in parallel - yet the excitement of seeing the product come to life is un-paralleled!